Ecological transition

 Efficiency and energy saving.

The conservation and protection of the environment is an essential component for the maintenance of productive resources, the achievement of sustainable development and the well-being of society.

Josep Crespo – Assessors offer solutions, for individuals and companies, who seek sustainability, self-consumption, efficiency, energy and economic savings.

We carry out energy assesments in which we analyse electricity supply bills, study the offers of energy trading companies, optimise contracted power, study the facilities and propose energy monitoring systems.

Environmental education.

Environmental education aims to create environmental awareness, disseminate ecological knowledge, or promote positive attitudes and values ​​towards the natural environment in order to create a commitment to actions and responsibilities aimed at the rational use of resources and achieve sustainable development.

A good environmental education is essential to love and protect our natural spaces. From Josep Crespo – Assessors we offer:

  • Environmental awareness activities.
  • Creation of guides and pedagogical material.
  • Excursions and guided tours.

Implementation of the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards.

International standards for environmental management, applicable to any company regardless of size or sector, which aims to reduce its impact on the environment and compliance with existing environmental legislation and regulations.

The implementation of the standard will allow us to reduce costs, greater efficiency in processes, and achieve an improvement in the internal and external image, as well in our reputation.

Arrangements with official bodies.

From Josep Crespo – Assessors we are at your disposal to inform you, explain, make arrangements or process in your behalf:

  • Municipal and supra municipal regulations.
  • Application and management of grants and subsidies.
  • Documentation submission.